• Program

    Children’s Discovery Center (CDC) is a family-run childcare center that promotes a warm and loving environment, fun activities as well as learning activities and an opportunity for exploration and discovery of the world around us. The program at CDC strives to provide a creative atmosphere and encourage the possibilities in all children.

    At CDC we have an attitude that encourages social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth for each child while creating a family-like atmosphere for all parents and children alike. Children’s Discovery Center’s basic philosophy is that all children are created to be loved unconditionally and cared for in an environment that demonstrates and encourages affection, kindness, and compassion while teaching and educating them about the world around them. We hire staff who sincerely desire to teach children in an affectionate and committed way. Our program offers full-time and part-time care, a kindergarten class as well as a before and after-school care program that is open to all children regardless of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, or physical disability.


    At CDC we provide a warm, loving environment, creative atmosphere, fun and learning activities, and an opportunity for exploration and discovery; all to encourage the possibility in all children. Our teachers and staff focus on the social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of each child while creating a family atmosphere for all parents and children.


    Teachers are one of our best sources of information, and parents should feel comfortable voicing any questions or concerns about their child’s progress and development. Conversations should generally occur outside regular classroom hours, to ensure teachers can provide the needed attention to 1) their class during regular daycare hours, and 2) your questions/concerns.

    In addition we publish a periodic newsletter on the “happenings” around CDC, and post flyers on doors, tables and around the center.

    Moving Up

    Our program is unique in many ways and the one factor that we have in place that makes the most difference is the four-month age intervals that we use for the children from the Baby Class through the Three-Year-Old Classes. Placing children in classrooms where they have a common interest is the primary goal however their developmental age is also a consideration. We will move children up to the next age group when the teachers determine that a child is operating at a higher level than the other children in the class, and a teacher or parent may request that the child be moved up to the next age group. We also have potty training that can begin as early as the Older One’s Classroom and continues through the Young Three’s. If a child is not completely potty trained regardless of age, the child will remain in the Young Three’s until they are accident-free including urination and bowel movements. (Please refer to the Potty-Training Policy for CDC).

    Additional Policies

    Download (pdf) a complete list of our program policies.